Oral Hygiene

Professional dental hygiene

Brushing your teeth two times a day is a prerequisite for healthy teeth. However, there are always spaces your toothbrush cannot reach. Therefore, we recommend a regular preventive dental hygiene session.

What to expect from a dental hygiene session?
Following a thorough examination of your teeth, we will inform you about the correct way to keep them healthy. There are various methods for caring for your teeth, but not every individual finds the same treatment to remove, reduce or avoid plaque - the main cause for dental diseases - the most appropriate for them.

Cleansing, Polishing, Varnishing
First, deposits on the surface and in spaces between teeth and the tooth pockets are removed during the oral hygiene session. To do this, we use modern instruments and ultrasound. The air abrasion tool then eliminates discoloring caused by nicotine, tea, coffee etc. The subsequent polishing procedure ensures that no bacteria or deposits can stick to the now smooth surface. Finally, the clean and smooth teeth will be covered by fluoride varnish to protect your teeth from bacterial acid.

At the end, we will explain to you which other diagnostic or therapeutic actions might be necessary, such as: assessing the level of bacteria in your saliva, sealing fissures or using antibacterial medication. An oral hygiene session takes about one hour and takes place in a seperate surgery room.