Preliminary appointment

This meeting includes a preliminary examination and will outline the diagnosis (single missing tooth, several missing teeth, toothlessness, condition of the jaw bone etc.) and suggested solution. A precise 3D-X-Ray enables exact planning, in terms of both treatment and financial issues. You will leave with an exact treatment plan and a cost estimate following this appointment.

Please, take your time to make a decision. You can always contact us if you have any more questions!


professional dental hygiene procedure will be carried out before any implant surgery is done, ensuring the long-term implant success. Occasionally, more comprehensive dental restoration or jaw bone restructuring procedures may be necessary to create the ideal conditions for implantation.

placing of the implant

The implant (the titanium root) is placed surgically under the local anesthetic. The procedure during which the implant is placed precisely into the jaw bone is usually minimally invasive, thanks to 3D-X-Ray methods. The mucous membrane is punctured at the planned location, the implant put in place and then covered with a healing cap.

Post-surgical pain is minimal thanks to this procedure.


Healing period

The healing period varies between 0 and 180 days, depending on each individual case. You will be informed what your healing time is expected to be at the preliminary meeting.


Completion of the treatment

The final structure - a bridge or crown - will be prepared or an existing or new denture will be fitted, following the successful healing of the implant into the jaw bone. Semi-annual check-ups will ensure that any complications (e.g. inflammation) are detected early.