Media proprietor

Dr. Werner Püringer * Specialist in Dental and Oral Medical Care
1140 Vienna, Nisselgasse 1-3 / 3
Email office@dr-pueringer.at
Web www.dr-pueringer.at

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Specialist in Dental and Oral Medical Care
Member of the Medical Association (Ärztekammer)

Website Designers

Alexander Püringer, still and moving images - photos

Der Internetmacher - programming

funkelrot, Intensivagentur für Unternehmenskommunikation - concept, text, head of project

Komo Wien, Büro für visuelle Angelegenheiten - design

Photo credits

SCHEU-Dental GmbH (Clear Aligner)
Sirona Dental GmbH (Cerec, DVT)
DENTSPLY Implants Manufacturing GmbH (Implants)


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